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Beginner/Intermediate Coloured Pencil Workshop: Bronwen Quick

This workshop is for anyone dabbling in the arts with and understanding of colour mixing and the value system. Coloured pencil has recently become a very popular medium and it can be an inexpensive medium if you are just wanting to try something different with your artwork. Professional coloured pencils and pigments will be discussed as well as appropriate papers for this medium during the workshop. if you have a colour wheel, a value scale and a kneaded eraser, please bring them along with you own coloured pencils.

You can purchase a small set of coloured pencils needed to complete the in class project from the instructor. These will be professional Prismacolour coloured pencils, costing approximately $22.00 tax included. There will also be a choice of professionnal paper available at $1.50 per sheet.

Saturday, October 5th & October 6th 10am to 12 noon. $55.00 + HST